A Course in Radiotherapy Physics 2018

3. maj 2018 - Heidi S. Rønde

Radiotherapy Course: 6-8 November 2018 & 5-9 March 2019

A Practical and Theoretical Course in Radiotherapy Physics, comprising two, 5 day courses are held annually at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust. There are 4 days of lectures and a hands-on practical session on each course, delivered by experts in the field.The course is designed primarily for radiotherapy physicists, but very relevant for other oncology professionals.  

Next course dates:

6-10 November 2018: Radiation Dosimetry, Imaging for Radiotherapy, Treatment Planning and Patient Specific Dosimetry (Sutton)

5-9 March 2019: Radiobiology, Accelerator Design and Quality Assurance, Brachytherapy & Radiotherapy Verification Imaging (Chelsea)

This course has been accredited per week by:
The Royal College of Radiologists CPD 26 Credits
EBAMP level 7 - CPD 36 Credits

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