A Course in Radiotherapy Physics 2017

19. april 2017 - Heidi Rønde

Radiotherapy Course: 7-11 November 2017 & 6-10 March 2018

This course provides a practical and theoretical background to Radiotherapy with its main focus on Radiotherapy Physics aspects. The course is aimed at recently qualified radiotherapy physicists and includes an MSc module for students at Kings College, London. However, the course should also be invaluable to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, newly specialising clinical oncologists, radiotherapy engineers, radiographers, manufacturers’ representatives and, in fact, anyone needing to deepen or update their understanding of this rapidly evolving field. The faculty is composed of physicists, clinical oncologists and radiographers, many of whom are internationally renowned for their expertise. Saturday workshops and demonstrations are included.

This course has been accredited per week by:
RCR CPD 26 Credits

Hent flyer her.

RM Kursus 2017

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