IAEA TRS398 Update feedback2

18. december 2017 - Heidi S. Rønde

IAEA er igang med at opdatere TRS 398. I den forbindelse ønskede de feedback fra erfarne brugere for ca et år siden.

Det gør de igen - se her. Deadline 22. december 2017.

Hilsen fra IAEA:

Dear Colleagues

The IAEA would like to thank everyone who completed the survey on the update of TRS 398 in 2016. Your comments were very useful and have been considered in the revision of this International Code of Practice. However we would like to call upon you again; to help with the revision of TRS 398 it would be useful to know the equipment commonly used in the clinic.  The IAEA would be grateful if you could spend some of your valuable time to complete the questions below.

Please distribute it amongst your society and complete the survey by 22 December.

Thank you for your help

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