PhD stillinger i Manchester UK

9. november 2017 - Heidi S. Rønde

We are pleased to announce several PhD opportunities within the Advanced Radiotherapy group of Radiation Related Research (RRR) at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (

 -          Avoiding cardiac toxicity in lung cancer patients treated with curative-intent radiotherapy to improve survival (Lead supervisor: Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn) (clinical fellowship)

-          Using Hypoxia-MRI to guide adaptive radiotherapy (Lead supervisor: Dr James O'Connor) (clinical fellowship)

-          Optimising image guidance quality for high-accuracy proton therapy (Lead supervisor: Dr Marianne Aznar) (non-clinical studentship)

-          Biologically optimising Small Cell Lung Cancer radiotherapy using radiomics biomarkers in routine treatment guidance images (Lead supervisor: Dr Gareth Price) (non-clinical studentship)

-          Advanced radiotherapy planning based on probabilistic concepts for photon and proton therapy (Lead supervisor: Professor Marcel van Herk) (non-clinical studentship)

The studentships are for 4 years (clinical fellowships for 3) and come complete with a  generous stipend. Further details are given in the links above. Please feel free to contact the lead supervisors directly to discuss the projects.


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