Ung fysiker pris

DSMF uddeler én gang årligt "Ung fysiker-prisen" på 20.000 kr.

Tidligere modtagere af prisen er:

Årstal Modtager
2020 Thomas Lund Andersen (Odense Universitetshospital):                                                                             "Improving Contrast and Detectability: Imaging with [55Co]Co-DOTATATE in Comparison with [64Cu]Cu-DOTATATE and [68Ga]Ga-DOTATATE"
2019 Henrik D. Nissen (Vejle Sygehus):
"Improved heart, lung and target dose with deep inspiration breath hold in a large clinical series of breast cancer patients"
2018 Thomas Ravkilde (Aarhus Universitetshospital):
"Dynamic multileaf collimator tracking and dose delivery for moving targets in radiotherapy"
2017 Ane Appelt (Vejle Sygehus):
"Radiation dose-response model for locally advanced rectal cancer after pre-operative chemoradiotherapy"
2016 Katrin Håkansson (Rigshospitalet):
"Prescribing and evaluating target dose in dose-painting treatment plans"
2015 Helge Thisgaard (Nuklearmedicin, OUH):
"Accelerator based production of Auger-electron-emitting isotopes for radionuclide therapy"
2014 Dennis Tideman Arp (Afdeling for Medicinsk Fysik, Aalborg Universitetshospital):
"Exactrac X-ray and Beam Iisocenters - What's the Difference?"
2013 Asger Greval Petersen (Røntgenfysik, Region Nordjylland):
"Dose optimisation for intraoperative cone-beam flat-detector CT in paediatric spinal surgery"
2012 Mai-Britt Kyed Jørgensen (Aarhus Universitetshospital):
"Tolerance levels of EPID-based quality control for volumetric modulated arc therapy"
2011 Jesper Kallehauge (Aarhus Universitetshospital):
"Apparent Diffusion Coefficient as a quantitative parameter in diffusion weighted MR imaging in gynecologic cancer"
2010 Henrik Robenhagen Jensen (Odense Universitetshospital)
2009 Jens Zimmerman (Rigshospitalet):
"DMLC motion tracking of moving targets for intensity modulated arc therapy treatment: a feasibility study"
2008 Per Rugaard Poulsen (Århus Universitetshospital):
"Accuracy of image-guided radiotherapy of prostate cancer based on the BeamCath® urethral catheter technique"
2007 Claus Flensted Behrens (Universitetshospitalet i Herlev):
"Dose build-up behind air-cavities"
2006 Markus Nowak Lonsdale (Bispebjerg Hospital)
2005 Martin Berg (Vejle Sygehus):
"Recombination Factors for the FC65-G and the Roos Ionization Chambers"


Retningslinjer for prisuddeling findes her.

DSMFs fond blev opløst på generalforsamlingen 2018. I den forbindelse overgik ”Retningslinjerne for tildeling af DSMF - Ung Fysiker Pris” til Dansk Selskab for Medicinsk Fysik, der forpligter sig til fortsat at uddele ”Ung Fysiker Pris”.