15. april 2024



Medical Radiation Dosimetry Courses

Medical Radiation Dosimetry Course (MRDC), Risø

The ionizing radiation dosimetry section at DTU Health Tech offers two Continuing Education (professional) short-courses related to medical radiation dosimetry:

These courses provide the theoretical, practical and metrological background for measurement and computation of radiation doses.  The emphasis is on radiotherapy dosimetry with MV photon beams, but other beams - most importantly kV x-rays, electrons, and protons - are discussed also. These courses are intended for hospital physicists who are still undergoing training or experienced hospital physicists who would like to refresh their dosimetry knowledge. The courses should also be useful for PhD students doing research within this field. The courses are given at DTU's Risø campus near Roskilde, Denmark.  

Registration and pre-registration: Please send a mail to clan@dtu.dk if you are potentially interested in one or both of these courses. You will subsequently be informed if any new information becomes available. A short-cut link to this page is: www.mrdc.dtu.dk.

The courses are a good supplement to our accredited calibration services as it provides the theory (MRDC) and some of the practical details (PADC) of the DTU calibration procedures.

The courses will be in English unless otherwise noted. All slides and other material will be in English. International participants are very welcome. Courses in Danish, off-site courses or specialized courses can be organized at request.