Kalenderoversigt for 2022

08. marts 2022

Royal Marsden - A Course in Radiotherapy Physics Part 1

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17. marts 2022, kl. 00:00

DSKO's årsmøde 2022

Early Warning

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06. april 2022

DSMF Symposium

DSMF Symposium og fejring af 40 års fødselsdag.

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12. april 2022, kl. 00:00

EURADOS: Small photon field dosimetry: current status and challenges

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25. april 2022

Radiation Protection Training Course

The Royal Marsden

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02. maj 2022, kl. 08:30

Course on Therapeutic and Diagnostic Medical Physics

The course duration is four days focusing on dosimetry, radiobiology, CT and MR.

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26. maj 2022

Image Guided and Adaptive Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice: Including SABR Topics

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17. august 2022

4th European Congress of Medical Physics

Abstract Submission 11th March 2022

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12. september 2022, kl. 00:00

MR fokuseret Symposium

DSMF Co-hoster MR fokuseret Symposium i Odense den 12.-14. September.

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