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11. december 2018 - Heidi S. Rønde

En hilsen fra EFOMP:

Dear readers,

Let dedicate this Winter 2018 issue of European Medical Physics News to the (continuously growing) number of medical physicists who take their time, and their free time, to produce the short articles that we publish quarterly each year, to keep informed the European community of their colleagues about the facts and events taking place all over Europe about our science and profession. Hence, we decided to put on the cover page of this EMP News Winter 2018 issue a mosaic of the photos of those medical physicist contributors.

This Winter 2018 issue contains a series of articles related to European and National meetings in the last and forthcoming few months, including: the EFOMP Annual General and Council Meeting in Copenhagen, August 2018 (pp. 4-7); the Conferences of the Society for Medical Physics in the Netherlands (pp. 11-14); the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Medical Physics (DGMP) and of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine – German Section (pp. 15-19); the Annual Meeting of the Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine (p.20). Aberdeen, Scotland, is an important place for the past, present and future of medical physics: see the contribution on p. 9-10 by A. Welch.

The International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP2018) has been celebrated all over the world; reports from some European countries are presented on pp. 23-27. Medical Physicists will also find of great interest the news related to activities of ESTRO, IAEA, ESR, ICTP, also in conjuction with EFOMP (pp. 28-38). I underline the publication by the European Commission of new European Guidelines on Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging (p. 31).

We continue the series of presentation articles by EFOMP Company members (pp. 39-44).Artificial intelligence is a growing interest field in Medicine of great relevance for medical physicists: see the article on pp. 45-46 and the publication on Physica Medica of the EFOMP White Paper on Big Data and deep learning in medical imaging and in relation to medical physics profession (p. 58) (

What do medical physicists do in their free time? The section edited by C. Caruana contains new articles on pp. 55-57. Programmes of the next ESMPE events are illustrated on pp. 59-67. 

Important news is anticipated here: we are preparing the new eLearning Platform of EFOMP, expected to be released on 1st January 2019, a large endeavour by our Organization: an article will appear on the EMP News Spring 2019 Issue.

Many thanks to our professional copy editor, Michael Strahl (Germany) for the preparation of this Winter Issue, and thanks to our Editor Efi Koutsouveli, who took care of everything with the usual dedication, competence and passion.

The Editorial Board of EMP News thanks the contributors of all articles to this nice Winter issue!

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European Medical Physics News, December 2018

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