ESMPE Scientific Committee

19. december 2016 - Jens Edmund

Ønsker man at være en del af den videnskabelige kommitee for European School for the Medical Physics Expert (ESMPE), skal flg. procedure følges:

Members of the Scientific Committee

The ESMPE Board will consist of prominent Medical Physicists with expertise in the education and training of medical physicists.

Persons being considered for appointment as Board members of the ESMPE are required to submit a CV to the EFOMP Board to demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:
· a minimum of 10 years’ experience in a senior position in medical physics, normally as an MPE
· a position which entails (or has in the past entailed) appraisal and management of the performance of individuals engaged in medical physics
· experience of teaching in medical physics at postgraduate level (EQF level 8)
· academic qualifications and experience in medical physics equivalent to EQF level 8
· membership of a European NMO of EFOMP

Appointment procedure

Nominations should be submitted to the EFOMP Secretary-General within two months from the call for nominations and should consist of:

  • A formal letter of nomination by the President of the EFOMP NMO that will include the name and affiliation of the candidate
  • a letter from the candidate accepting his/her nomination
  • a statement (up to 500 words) by the candidate demonstrating the knowledge and interest in the field and highlighting any other experience which makes them suitable for the post
  • a short CV limited to 3 pages A4. The CV should cover the candidate’s qualifications

You are invited to submit nominations for the ESMPE, according to the procedures detailed above, within the 9th February 2017.

The nominations must be sent in two separate e-mails to:

Marco Brambilla, Secretary General (

Jaroslav Ptacek, Assistant Secretary General (


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