Quality Assurance for SPECT

18. august 2015 - Klaus Seiersen

Fra IAEA har vi modtaget følgende:


Dear colleagues,

Being a multidisciplinary specialty, there is a need to include physicians, medical physicists, radiopharmacists, and technologists when developing educational materials for nuclear medicine.

For that reason, in a joint effort of the Sections of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging and Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics, Division of Human Health, International Atomic Energy Agency, we have developed a series of 8 interactive e-Learning modules on Quality Assurance for SPECT systems. In addition to a series of exercises, a set of instructional practical videos and quizzes are included, thus enhancing the learning experience. Upon completion a certificate will be provided.

The modules were developed by Ms Margarita Nuñez (Uruguay), videos by Mr Leonel Torres (Cuba), reviews by Mario Marengo (Italy) and Cecil Chow Robilotta (Brazil), and design by Pedro Reis (Portugal), under the responsibility and coordination of Ms Diana Paez and Mr Gian Luca Poli from the IAEA.

All modules are freely available at the Human Health Campus (http://humanhealth.iaea.org):




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